10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 – Location Independence

The challenge: How would I work “work” into my plan during a month-long holiday in Portugal with my family?

This is the first time since I began the challenge that I considered what it would be like to be able to work and travel with my family. Then to consider going to someplace like Portugal?

Can I get a “Ahh Yeah!!!”?

My wife and I love the idea of travelling to new places and exploring. Shortly after were engaged we went on a 10 day missions trip to Belgium, which included a day in Paris. It was very hard to leave when the time came. The travel bug bit us hard.

How would the work/play thing go down? The best start to any day would be a good breakfast near the beach. Once our hungers were sated, we would spend the morning hours investigating the wonderful sights in Lisbon, such as the Castelo de São Jorge or what I am sure would be my favorite, Oceanário de Lisboa. I was ready to start packing as soon as I saw the pictures.

Following good food and exploration in the morning, it would be back home for a few hours of work in the afternoon while the iron is still hot from the morning excursion. My family loves naps, so I would be able to work uninterrupted for a couple of hours at least. Then, In the afternoon, time on the beach or exploring more of the city before dinner and enjoying the night atmosphere. The day ends with some last minute updates and virtual upkeep while sitting outside under the stars before bedtime.

Do that for a month? Yes, please!

While the demands of work and family life usually take place over such things as long holidays and trips to exotic countries, the idea is very appealing and an opportunity I hadn’t considered until now. The freedom that comes from having such a luxury even once a year has been, until now, unimagined.

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